Between the Narrows

Between the narrows
The 17th of Tammuz
And the 9th of Av

Opening onto –

Pinch Squeeze
And from the squeeze –

You open With

Contract and expand
Constrict and Open

Breath pursed
Narrows Release

From constraint To expanse
Exile to Redemption

There is a hilltop in Jerusalem where heaven and earth touch. After the destruction the bride began to weep, the ground wept too. The bride returned as a bird perched at the wall.

For three summer weeks, I sat low in sadness. I planned to bleed, to wash myself clean.

This I have been taught: After a river of tears, expect the messiah.

On that day,” says Isaiah, “the great shofar will be sounded. And they will come, those lost in the land of Assyria and those forsaken in the land of Egypt, and bow before G*d on the Holy mountain, Jerusalem.” — Isaiah 27:13

jsg, from a mtn top in the Gallilee