Small alef; poetry Balak 2

We Are Waiting Here

The text doesn’t say outright
the donkey made human sounds
surely the presence of God communicated to Bilaam
through the donkey
as if the animal had spoken
or maybe it was all a vision — [Rambam, Guide II:42]

The mouth on that donkey
another of the ten miracles created in the in-between time [Avot 5:9]
between the suns, between-time
part day knowledge part night knowledge —

built into Creation at the mystery time
miracles to appear when necessary
like saving science
stem cells, transplants
the cures we are waiting for
the peace we are praying for too
when we howl

hurry, something wonderful
created but not-present
like the mouth of Bilaam’s donkey speaking
— when it came time for the animal to speak

it spoke.

Just in time

jsg, usa

Small alef; Balak 2

Maqam Mahour, similar to Maqam Rast
except the upper tetrachord is Ajam.

Every Shabbat has a particular maqam associated with it.
Maqam cognate to Maqom
Signifying Place.

C [1] D [3/4] E half-flat [3/4] F G [1] A [1] B [1/2] C
Rast on C Ajam on G