Small alef; b’haalotecha

Cloud by Day Fire By Night

Cloud by day
pillar of fire by night
cloud to obscure
fire to illumine
night — light
day — protect.

I am running everywhere
no one recognizes me —
I have no hair
I have a hat
a cloud covering —

In bed I pull the covers over my head
[can’t get moving]
pillar of fire says — get up
pillar of cloud says – hide.

Pillar of fire: get up and be like the angels
raise up a light
take first the Levites
cleanse them
the ouds they play strung with seven strings
come the Messiah the ouds strung with eight strings
and in the end —
ten strings
I will sing to You
on a ten stringed oud.
[Psalm 144:9]

Every shabbat a sound from
that wonderful jam
when we listened at the well
A song to the Sabbath day [Psalm 92:1 – 4]

on the ten stringed oud.

jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry b’ha’alotecha
Maqam Sigah
Sigah trichord: E half-flat F G

Maqam Sigah is associated with mishkan, sanctuary, menorah.