Small alef; poetry Naso 2

Our dear Kohanic ancestors
with their really great clothes
that hat mitznefet
the breastplate
summer breastplate with aeration
winter breastplate to keep the heart line

Linen —
in a dry climate linen is fabulous
when it’s humid
it’s like wearing a wet towel.

The colors;
Deep crimson the color of a squashed worm.

Purple —
Is it on the reddish tint or the bluish tint
[they’re so different] —

Where’d you get those clothes?

The mystery blue –
the blue comes up once every seventy years
nowadays the blue is hidden —

a deceased mollusk
brought it up from the deep
where it gave birth
in salt

to the sea.

jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Naso
Maqam Saba

D E half-flat F G flat