Small alef; poetry Shemini

Maqam Hoseini

D E-flat F G

Every Shabbat has a musical firgure associated with it
A maqam
Hebrew cognate maqom
Signifying place.

Building of the Mishkan complete
seven days of installation done —
our teacher presiding,

The Shekhinah had not yet appeared
until Aaron put on

We waited.
The Shekhinah –
a sign we would be forgiven the slip with the golden calf.

Our teacher said,
my brother is more worthy and excellent than I am.
Through his sacrifices and his service
the Shekhinah will rest among you.

God the King
Our teacher the King’s attendant
the people the Queen
the brother the Queen’s attendant —

working from the lower world
so to speak.

Holy brother –
Nice suit.