This and This

Down The Mountain

Coming down the mountain
he is like a river on wheels
with two tablets inscribed
mi-zeh u-mi-zeh [Ex. 32:15]
this way and this way.

The holy And
[so unlike the Either/Or]


Ba-zeh v’gam mi-zeh —
This way and also this way. . . [Kohelet 7:18]

This and that
except — there is no that
only this and this
just as mi-zeh u-mi-zeh,
this and this.

You and me
G*d and you
Me and G*d
Matter and spirit
Good and Evil
Male and female
Left and right
Yin and Yang
The two triangles
Halakhah and Aggadah
Law and Lore
Gevurah and Tiferet
Severity and beauty
the good and the not-so-good.

Mi-zeh u-mi-zeh,
this and this.

Small alef; poetry Ki Tissa
Maqam Hijaz
D E-flat F# G