Four Years Oh Roger

Bless Roger

Roger K. died 1:37 AM
Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh Roger
this morning I heard on the radio that you died
you died

pursuing thieves
who took five dollars in tips
from the coffee shop
where you came for your daily caffeine.

Oh Roger, your affected normalcy
that could not conceal your
glamorous individuality.

The picture in words you drew
walking your dog
wearing a bathrobe
and a cigarette hanging out your mouth,

when your dog would run away
to the Ritz
the call from the hotel attendant —
Mr. K
please come and get your dog
and your car,

that was funny but before your
when you changed your life
from the inside out
earning it.

The last time I saw you
you described your Higher Power
like angels
who sat on either shoulder
your brother and your mother
they are preparing for you now
guiding your way.

Roger, be a guide for us
for your family
be an angel for your loved ones
as your loved ones were angels for you
maybe you can send a sign
try something large

or send another sort of sign
something specifically Roger
send it over the divide
we’ll know it when we see it
we’ll recognize your sense of style.

Roger, this is your friend
who joined you on your journey for a brief time in this life
mourning now your early passing
in the way life
or God
or nature
or whatever it is we believe in
writes our story.

Your goodness extends over the divide
more than memory
though memory will be a blessing –

we who survive you carry the lessons of your life
in our lives,

we will have to live somewhat for you
and for all the heroic co-travelers
on our way —
whose lives we know from the inside out.

And when you die
we die some too,

and when we live
you live some too.


jsg, usa