Small Alef poetry 4

I run to him I kiss him hug him,
over my head
a ribbon of light.
I weep.

Any moment now
might erupt —
the memory that heals.

Holding his foot as we chuted toward the light,
when we touch
I remember.

And again
over my head exploding
a ribbon of dots
a ribbon of light.

jsg, usa

Small alef: poetry
Maqam Saba

Small Alef Poetry 3

You are _____ years old
And you go to sleep you are Awakened
thinking —

Surely there is G*d in this place
And I don’t know anything

Now the world can break in on me
without Interference —

so begins my education.

jsg, usa

And He Left
Small Alef: poetry
Maqam Ajam