After the Weekend

After the weekend
We were talking
Pharaoh had a few questions for me
I answered them the best I could
Buying and selling in a daily schedule
Gauging the market
The obvious buy low sell high, etc.,

I spoke about wanting to return home
Because the buffet
At Pharaoh’s affair
Was meat meat
I have a softness for the misunderstood beasts
I would never think of eating one
We owe the working animal so much
Her willingness to serve —

We turned to the personal matters.

The women and the conspiracies
The desperation of flotation devices
Concealing our real motives and desires
The hunger within for competence
And primacy
Of course love —

Filling the unformed and empty
With love.

We discussed first the market
Then the family
Then the personal

We were about to arrive at politics
At the intersection

Wait – let me make a list.
I took out a stylus, a fine one made in Babylonia,
And I made a list.

These are the problems I will solve first\second, etc.

Let me take these one by one
And I began to repair each broken shard of the world.

— Joseph

small alef; poetry Miketz 4

Kislev; month of dreams
Joseph the bridge person —
between patriarchs and tribes,

the harvester
the one who harvests events
for meaning.

He has become more

I don’t interpret dreams —
God does,
he says.

Still, his gift gives him power
even if it is only the power of memory —

I remember dreams,
he says, [42:9]

[that he dreams at all
means he’s sleeping well]

the rest of us are fidgeting in bed
Joseph; part prophet

Dreaming; 1/60th of prophecy anyway,
with the need for prophecy these days,

1/60th is nothing to sneeze at.

jsg, usa

small alef; poetry
Maqam* Sigah, tri-chord:
e half-flat f g

Small alef; poetry Miketz

I know dreams
I know dreams imply blessings.

The journey to Egypt with the spice merchants
[darkest time in my life]
it smelled sweet all the way down
some sort of sign —
do not despair;

I will never
abandon you.

I am spinning through the darkest part of my story
smelling sweet

and when I see my brothers
I will bless them
I say:
it was not you who sent me here
but God.

I just knew it I am thinking —
how? my brothers ask

I smelled it, I say
and they will think

I’m crazy.

Small aleph; poetry
Maqam* Sigah
[tri-chord: e half-flat f g (Mi fa sol)]

Eighth Night

On the eighth night
I ran into an angel dressed as Prince at the grocery store.

He was still recovering from his illness
But walking on his own now.

I made a deal, he said to me,
If I lived, I’d give my life over to God.

We walked outside into the parking lot —
And if you would have died?

I’d have given my life over to God,
He said.

jsg, usa

Night 7

Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story*******

On the seventh night an angel came to me
Playing an oud plucked from the fire
Listen to this
Said the angel
As she played I saw the notes rise into the air
The notes became seven branches of fire and on each side of the fire
Two bottles of fine olive oil.

What does it mean?
I asked.
See this middle path?
It is the balanced axis of beauty beauty

You are the meaning making machine, said the angel
Make it mean what you like

jsg, usa

Sixth Night

Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story******

On the sixth night
a tarnished angel appeared
selling pencils outside the ball park.

We fired up the lights, stood staring into the fire.
What’s the miracle?
he asked us.

Light victory power revenge clarity purity
dedication —
we hadn’t answered him.

Afterwards, he asked for a ride to the Metro Link
and maybe a couple of bucks to get uptown.

What’s the miracle? I asked him back.
Grateful, said the angel
— the miracle is gratitude
find that and you won’t need anything.

You’ll breathe into the souls of your feet
and live as long as you want to.

jsg, usa