The House of Letters

The House of Letters*

Through the Ninth of Av
The blessing in it

The implied Redemption
In Every

For every descent
Hidden Ascent

The dependable
The implied Return

Permanent —
Only our Hunger
This Yearning for Return

49 days to Rosh Hashanah
Ascent of the sefirot

We begin with Malkhut
Climbing / Climbing
The True Tree

Roots Above

— jsg, usa

*Master of all the words,
We are breaking in on the year 5772
since the Creation of the world as we reckon time
in our language of acronym secrets clues and anagrams TaSH-‘av*
Tih’ye SH’nat Ayin Beit
The sign of the ayin may this be the year of the eye
The year of ‘Iyyun = focus – and the deep study of Beit
Opening onto the house of letters