Why We Close Our Eyes

Why We Close our Eyes When We Pray

We close our eyes
Turn in

Listen people —
listen carefully

Let God be God
This way that way –

He is she
You are me

With all the

To hear implies blessing [Sefat Emet on Re’eh]
Blessing – when we attach
To the life of all Life

Ego ciao
The I recedes and we meet there
Elevated by the diminishing self —

Attached to the heart of the world
Essence to essence –

We become little

This is blessing

The I is a thief [Menachem Mendel of Kotzk]
It snatches the partial and mistakes it
For the whole

Only Everything is everything [Marvin Gaye]

We not only close them –
We take out the I’s entirely
When we pray

jsg, usa