A Joke for the Saddest Day

The Saddest Day A Joke

I was speaking with my man*
On the ninth of Av
The saddest day

And he asked me
Are you sad today
Or unhappy

What’s the difference
From my point of view
If I feel bad sad or feel bad unhappy

With unhappy you are attached to your
With sad you are not attached

Sad may be the condition of your
We all know people like this

And often they are great
Or they find a way

To redeem the core of sadness
Over which they build
A life of beauty or service

Some sort of redemption that is
To exist

Many of the old Greeks were like this
He said
Aristophanes never told a joke

Though he created many
Of them
Akiva was always laughing

Though he was as serious
As dirt
About his purpose

Sadness may be a condition
A response to the nature of things to

We all imagine the world
Don’t we?

But with unhappiness
Well – you might just be

And attached to your
Of Yourself

Tell a joke
My man* said
Especially today

Tell a joke and let
Me know
You’re pushing through

Daily daily
You’re neither a fool
Nor are you Numb

jsg, usa