The Hidden Moon of Tammuz

Prayer on the New Moon of Tammuz

O Master of Mirrors
let me see with the unclear mirror the dark images
the moon in the darkness
images discerned at night
by moonlight.

God of the light and the dark
release me from distractions
bind me with invisible fibers to the deep story –
the dark story hidden story
the right words not simple ones
not the easy ones not even sweet words
I want the true words.

Don’t sweet talk me —
draw me into the deep.
Carry me not in your pocket
but sling me like a satchel
over your shoulder.

Let the truth plump like the moon
the dark moon the dark candle
the candle at the hearth
with all its shadows,
it’s the moon, it’s the moon, the dark candle,
the reflected dark dark dark —

jsg, usa