New York: The Politics of Marriage

The Politics of Marriage

What broke the marriage was this line:
If you love me, you’ll love my pancakes.

He/she left him/her when he/she habitually burned his/her pancakes.
It was pancakes that brought them together
And without the pancakes
They were finished.

They disagreed on everything
Including pancakes.

Make one more pancake that way
And I’m leaving you.

He might have left

Over pancakes
Ultimately in the sense of ultimatum —
Is that the right word?
There was no one to ask.

All they wanted really were pancakes
The same pancakes that everybody else had
Or didn’t have
Fought for
The pancakes that brought them together
And the pancakes that drove them apart.

Pancakes, I said,
Is that what you really wanted?
Was it pancakes?

Yes, chimed in the unmarrieds
The betrothed to vows
Before their marriage —

Do you William
Take Willem to be your awfully wedded wife-husband
To love and cherish
Bathe in oil
Make pancakes
Tart up once in a while?

Do you promise to love and cherish
Play scrabble
Make pancakes
Dress up now and again?

Clean the seeds out of your teeth
The detritus from the front yard
Make pancakes?

Are you going to make the ****-ing pancakes?

When marriage is common
It is common when you have it
When you don’t it is of the highest consequence.

You want pancakes?
Marry me.

I married you for your pancakes.
Why not, marriage isn’t political
It’s love-ly.

Plodding away we are through pancakes
And leaving our socks around the room
Empty tooth paste tubes
Not enough aspirin for the headaches you’ve given me

Someone to curl up with on Sunday night
These lowly lovely blessings of life
Passed up passion ages ago
As the enduring legacies of marriage,

Keep the politics in your pajamas
I will —

Pancakes please
Not burnt
All the pancakes I want
Whenever I want them.

jsg, usa