The Man

Cloud by day
pillar of fire by night
the cloud to obscure
the fire to illumine
at night — light
by day — protect with cloud.

I am running everywhere
no one recognizes me because
I have no hair
I have a hat
a cloud covering —

In bed I pull the covers over my head
can’t get moving
pillar of fire says — get up
pillar of cloud says – hide yourself.

Pillar of fire says get up
and be like the angels
when you raise up a light
first take the band and cleanse them
the ouds they play will be strung with seven strings
come the Messiah the ouds will be strung with eight strings
and in the end —
ten strings
I will sing to You
on a ten stringed oud.
[Psalm 144:9]

Every week a sound from
that wonderful jam
when we listen at the well
to the ten stringed oud. [Psalm 92:1 – 4]

The man could have been hiding in a cloud
the cumulus drawn up over his face
I just can’t talk to another child of Israel, he said
I need some time to myself

but he didn’t.

He dusted off the menorah
he saw floating in the sky
Build it this way G*d showed him.

The light from its central shaft
that’s the Torah light
it will need a little lift . . .

Please —
don’t leave me in the dark.

jsg, usa