Water Wisdom

Water Wisdom

Swimming the fifty gates of understanding, water wisdom

At fifty, we will all be rewarded.
But for now we are swimming in our wisdom

As natural to us
As the sea to the fish –

The Exile to Egypt was an exile of language, said Blue.
This we bring down from the Zohar.
The limitations are the limitations in words.

“And he went down into Egypt (anoos al pi ha dibbur)
constrained by language.

“It’s all integration,” said Blue, “all our holy ceremonies are about
First the unity of the people, then the integration of the person,
then the
integration, as it were, within G*dliness. Our tools are always
language tools.”

After all, we have words. They should be the right words.

As Blue was talking, the companions came, they fell on their faces,
cried, and said,
“If we had come into the world only
to hear these words from your mouth,
it would have been enough.”

She is preparing
these seven weeks
to meet her lover.
The repairs will be made later.

Day of the wedding,
the supernal mother descends.

All the souls will be named by G*d,
blessed, the interpretations
entirely new.

The principles and the stories united in one seamless document

All told through radiating light.
The telling – a lightning of words.

jsg, usa