We long for a pure act of worship

Small Alef Poetry

Lift up the remains of yesterday
put them next to the holy altar
the fire shall not go out
we long for a pure act of worship. [Sefat Emet on Tzav]

The fire burning throughout
the camp moving
the altar traveling [Jerusalem Talmud, Yoma 4:6]
we long for a pure act of worship.

The offering burnt
nothing of the ‘Olah remains
only ashes
nothing of it can be eaten or sold or turned into anything else

[lift up the remains of yesterday] –

Except for the hides
we might make a nice jacket out of the hides
be ruthlessly precise
in the mystery ways,

the future –


jsg, usa

Maqam Nawa
C [1] D [1/2] E flat [1 1/2] F sharp [1/2] G

Every Shabbat a maqam, a musical figure, associated with it.
Hebrew cognate maqom, signifying “place.”