Us and Them Problem

How we received Yitro is an us-and-them problem
he gave us something additional
something unexpected
his name was Yeter [additional]
he brought additional wisdom
something from the outside.

Once we integrated his wisdom
he became YitrO
he earned a vuv
a direct connection with the Holy One
straight up and down
the Or Yashar
the direct light.

His wisdom was from the outside
what is additional is what he taught Moses
how to bring down the wisdom from the outside
in its applications
the implications and inferences
what we will draw for ourselves.

Outside becoming inside.

From the outsider Amalek we received only nastiness —
from the outsider Yitro
wisdom beyond measure.

jsg, usa

*Maqam Hoseini, Phrygian mode on the note A

A B flat C D
D E flat F G

A *maqam is a musical figure. Each Shabbat is associated with a particular maqam in Arabic, cognate to the Hebrew Maqom, signifying place.
The Philosopher Avicenna (d. 1037)
Identified 12 principal modes
Or maqamat
Singular maqam
From “place” (Arabic) Hebrew cognate Maqom.

Ethical and cosmological implications
Signs of zodiac
Times of day and night
Poetic meter
Healings and treatments,

Each week a musical figure
Each human being an individual melody —