Seven Weeks

Seven Weeks of Consolation

[From Isaiah 1] Preamble

The vision of Isaiah son of Amotz
The future Isaiah
[Which he saw]
Hear O heavens
Pay attention O earth
Come to me with meaning
Purify yourselves
Remove the mistakes
Learn to do good
Be a seeker of justice
Strengthen those who need strength
Take up causes

Get moving
Let us reason together
And if our sins are like scarlet
They will whiten like snow
If they have reddened like crimson
They will become pure as wool
Turn the darkness into light

The more dark
The more light
Find your willingness

Don’t blame anyone
And all that is impure
Will burn away
In your burn.

[From Isaiah 40] Week 1

Take comfort
Take comfort now
It’s time to come home
Take the straight road home
Time now for the crooked to become
The rugged
Leveled and low
It’s time
Everybody knows

Get yourself up to a high mountain
Raise yourself up
Everything is in place
Waiting for you

Nothing missing
Not one thing.

[From Isaiah 49] Week 2

No one has forgotten you
You are engraved upon
God’s heart
You are written on the palms
Of God’s

Raise your eyes
And see all about you

You have said
This place is tight for me
No more
It has opened to you

You will be nurtured
And you will be honored
You will know and be

You will be comforted
Even among the ruins
You will hear music
And see beauty

You will find joy
And music
And gratitude.

[From Isaiah 54] Week 3

And when you feel
You will look down
And see yourself walking
On jewels
All your children will be
Students of God
Great will be the peace
Of your children

When you are thirsty
Go and drink
Eat what is good
And let your soul
Enjoy its abundance.

Then no one
Will get in your way
And when you need to
Your soul will

[From Isaiah 51] Week 4

It is me
Who comforts you
And when you are scared
You have the words you need
In your own mouth
You will be protected
You may awaken yourself
You may awaken yourself now
And assume your strength
Shake off the dust
Inherit your peace
Turn away from the contaminants
Follow along
Slowly slowly
Cleanse yourself and follow along.

[From Isaiah 54] Week 5

Sing and broaden yourself
Lose your fear
Spread out north
And south
And settle all the desolate

Forget the shame of your past
I give you my kindness
And my covenant of

[From Isaiah 60] Week 6

Your light has arrived
You shall shine
Even in darkness
And God’s way will be seen
By your light.

Lift your eyes
All around you
They are all assembled
To accompany you
And expansive
Shall be your heart

Now you inherit true
Abundance of life

Your light will never

All your people are righteous
You are all a branch
Of the planting

God’s handiwork
All of you.

[From Isaiah 61-62] Week 7

My soul
Clothes and garments
Robes of justice and salvation
I am like
A bridegroom
His priestly accessories
And a bride
Her jewels
Like the garden
Like the earth
God brings forth
And praises
Before all nations.

I will not rest
Nor hold my peace
Until we burn
Like a torch
And all the nations will see
You will be called by
A new


Which the mouth of God
Will speak
You will be a jewel
In the open hand
Of God.

The guardians on the walls
They take no rest
Go through the gates
Go through the gates
Clear the way for the people

You are sought
A city not forsaken

All the days of old.