Genesis 33:4

I run to him
I kiss him
hug him,
over my head
a ribbon of light.
I weep.
Any moment
might erupt
the memory that heals.

Holding his foot
as we chuted toward the light,
when we hug
I remember,
and again —
over my head exploding
a ribbon of dots
a ribbon of light.

james stone goodman
united states of america


Before I Do Anything Wrong,
I Apologize

O my dear –
I am an imperfect perfection,

God has blundered more than once
in creating me whole

with broken parts.
I have learned with the Sefas Emes

that all my broken parts are whole
and even if not —

none of us are partial.
We are all miniatures of Hashem

in some inscrutable way
that will clarify if not in this world

in the next.
I apologize

For what I have said or done
intentionally or inadvertently

or I may do or say
in the coming days

that has hurt or may hurt
in any misconstrued way —

forgive me.
I need you more than you know,

your friend always,

james stone goodman
united states of america

If I run into the angel Gabriel
I will tell him how fine, fine
you are.