The Soul On Friday

When her soul made her passage
I sang one of the tunes she preferred
Into Your hands I entrust my spirit
All the words that day
Read or sung
Jumped off the page
As if the white fire turned soft bluish green
The black fire leapt differently off the white fire.

Some of the words changed significance entirely

they became nuanced
In a way I never heard before.

The above-mentioned bluish green
Was the color of her soul as it was finding its way home.
Her soul was catching fire and burning Itself into new form
I felt it.
It had called to me the night before
And I awoke
I didn’t pay enough attention so I went back to sleep
But I knew in the morning
That I had been visited by her
Roaming soul that night.

Some friends and family gathered around her bed in the morning.
Every word I sang to her
Into Your hands I entrust my spirit
At the time I lie down
And the time I rise up

I had to pause after that
To let the words relax
They were banging all over the room.

With my spirit my body too
God is with me
I shall not fear

I thought I was going to be swallowed up into the ground then
My feet became so heavy
With the weight of my own soul
Settling into my body.

I thought it was going to take hours
Perhaps days for her soul to leave her body
Because her color was deep in her flesh and life-like
Her eyes open and seeing
And her breathing was labored but steady
Her eyes open with a sense of recognition
As we all spoke to her.

Everyone thanked her
Told her that they were going to be fine
And wished her soul courage for the journey
To the ancestors and the meeting with God.
We wished her soul well along its way.

Her soul departed her body some time before noon.
The body color had of course faded
And her soul had begun its journey
And the vessel of her soul
No longer looked like the soft skin
Smiling at the world from underneath
Her mop of hair.

It took some time for the funeral parlor to arrive
I sat with her vessel in the typical way that we accompany
And honor the vessel
That works so hard to house our souls
Because our souls
Are flamboyant
They are hard to contain
They burn bluish green,

And light up
From within
Our holy bodies

So I sat with the Temple that housed her soul
At the edge of the sea
The place where we push off from into the unknown
The Sea.

Blessed be her soul
As she moves out from her Temple
To the Great Sea
As she makes her way home to her ancestors
Who inhabit a far-away place —

Far away from
Where they once dwelled.