Der Aybershter means The Highest

Der Aybershter means the Highest

I’m in the New York airport


I saw an African man eating Pringles

The Japanese men and their wives

Are all eating hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough

They think this is the best thing they have ever eaten

I heard them thank Der Aybershter.

I listened to a man sitting next to me

Call a relative in New Jersey

He had recently moved to my town

He returned to New York for court

He received a year’s probation

It had to do with Rita ex-wife

And staying away from her.

I have to call my PO, he said.

He now lives in an apartment too small

For a table in the kitchen

But he likes it in my town,

He’s looking for a new girl —

I’m still young, he says, [he’s not so young]

You know what I mean?

It’s only a number.

He’ll keep his New Jersey license plates

Rita totaled his car

They took everything away from him

Der Aybershter? he said

Der Aybershter takes care of me.

You can always replace a car

I’ll work things out ‘cuz I have to.

The flight home was cancelled

Thunder storms

On television —

An earthquake killed twelve thousand

Half a world away.

A Rumanian woman sweeping up the airport

Der Aybershter, I heard her say

The world is cracked but Der Aybershter is


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