The Lost Song of Ibn Lavi

The Lost Piyyut of Ibn Lavi

I am the lost piyyut of Bar Yochai
Written by Shimon ibn Lavi
It was said I
have the power to restore the soul
and align the body
I have been lost for centuries
I have ten stanzas
each one corresponding to one
of the sefirot, the holy emanations —
activity intra-Divine.

The refrain has been brought down
In all the melodies this way:
Bar Yochai, you are anointed
with joy, the oil of delight
from your sacred companions.

There were ten of them around Bar Yochai,
called the Chevrayya
they left a record of their teachings
they often said, if we had come
into the world only to hear these words
— it would have been enough.

Bar Yochai would be remembered
but not Ibn Lavi
who wrote my ten stanza poem
and other than the poem of ten stanzas
and some verses about his silent son

Ibn Lavi has been forgotten.

There are many melodies
To the piyyut about Bar Yochai
But the one lost melody
The one that restores the soul
Aligns the body

Has been lost.

Until now.

james stone goodman