The Night of Broken Glass

Kristallnacht Night of Broken Glass
November 9, 1938

God’s candle is the soul – Proverbs 20:27

Surely this is the beginning of the end
outside they are howling in the street
Broken glass everywhere

books burned
My business destroyed
humiliation and assault

This night remember as
the official beginning of war against the Jews
Goebbels’ pogrom,

the threat of international Jewry.
Synagogues destroyed 101,
businesses destroyed 7,500

Jewish souls arrested 26,000
confined to camps
91 dead.

What kind of threat are we?
To the Future –
this is what I want you to remember:

They took our property our livelihood
it began with greed
emptied out onto evil

It has a face: the passivity of a hollow nation.

Light a candle
remember us

Do not respect the darkness.



Three days after Kristallnacht, on November 12, Goering called a meeting of the top Nazi leadership to assess the damage and discuss strategy. Goering, Goebbels, Reinhard Heydrich, Walter Funk and other high Nazi officials.

The intent of this meeting: shift responsibility for Kristallnach to the Jews, and to create strategy using the events of Kirstallnacht to promote a series of antisemitic laws designed to remove Jews from the German economy.

An interpretive transcript of this meeting is provided by Robert Conot, Justice at Nuremberg, New York: Harper and Row, 1983:164-172):

“Gentlemen! Today’s meeting is of a decisive nature,’ Goering announced. “I have received a letter written on the Fuehrer’s orders requesting that the Jewish question be now, once and for all, coordinated and solved one way or another. Since the problem is mainly an economic one, it is from the economic angle it shall have to be tackled.”