O holy Shabbes Inspiration Lech Lecha

O holy Shabbes Inpsiration Lech Lecha

When Abraham was born
a star rose in the east
swallowed the four stars of the four winds of heaven –

to the east
to the north
to the west
to the south

Avraham’s star
a star of the east
swallowed the four directions.

God said to Avram
lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are
north and south and east and west
for all the land which you see I shall give it to you
and to your seed
forever [Genesis 13:14]

When the King Nimrod went riding
he looked up into heaven
saw a holy light over the Juderia
the Jewish quarter
signifying the birth of Abraham our father
dear father
blessed father

light of Israel. [Cuando El Rey Nimrod]

God in a specially created voice, unlike other voices
spoke to him from behind the curtain of heaven:

Avram, lech lecha
go, get thee out,
out of your country
and away from your kindred
and away from your father’s house
to a land that I will show you. [Genesis 12:1]

Get free first of your country
the simplest
then your kindred
more difficult
lastly your father’s house
a lifetime
maybe more

and then
we return.

How I miss you
buried now in a cemetery in Detroit
on Shabbes lech lecha
I am coming home
I walk into your kitchen
make tea.

I never left
I am coming home
slowly slowly.

I am wondering what Avram
owes his father Terach
Terach brought them out of Ur
took them as far as Haran [Genesis 11:31]
Avram left Haran
lech lecha Terach heard
away from your father’s house
lech lecha Avram heard
away from your father’s house

we are all leaving our father’s house
all the time.

Father took me as far as Haran
Harry – I am leaving Haran
for you
and me.

Avraham heard
Lecha lecha — go get thee out
leave your past your shame your violence your wars
your inherited enmity

go to a land
a new land
that I will show you.

And Abraham went
as God spoke with him.

At the end of his life
Abraham ascended to the top of the chariot of Ezekiel
it was covered with the dew of light

From atop Ezekiel’s chariot
Avraham dressed in hand-me-down celestial garments
saw the future
a vision of reconciliation
from what was missing in his generation
he saw the perfect peace of his descendants


There was something partial
in Abraham’s generation
that only the future could repair [Zohar]
the children of Abraham
Isaac and Ishmael
and all the Isaacs and Ishmaels
long into the future
Abraham — go forth and make a path for your children
for everything that happened to you
will happen to your children [Bereshit Rabbah 40:6]

We say to you today in a loud and clear voice
enough of blood and tears. Enough.

From atop Ezekiel’s chariot
Avraham saw and understood everything

Just as Avraham left his father’s house
so his children left his house —

lech lecha they heard
get thee out
out of your country
and away from your kindred
and away from your father’s house

to a land that I will show you

And from atop Ezekiel’s chariot
Avraham whispered

jsg, usa

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