On 9/11

Praying On 9/11

This new Manichaeism,
The forgotten religion of the Manichees
Who imagined the cosmic struggle
Between good and evil.

The struggle of pure good and pure evil
The notion that God has enemies.

I wonder if the geographers
Of the vacant center
Could have imagined
What we have seen.

I feel adrift
In a rudderless boat
On a dangerous sea.

Then I forget that for a while
And pray for the God
The great God
The One God
The unclaimed God,

To send healing
And guidance
To the sick
And unprotected.

Join me
Direct your holiest
In the direction of
The empty geography of Ground Zero.

Let your prayers and your blessings
Overflow like a fountain.

Do you remember —
When we welcomed the seven shepherds,
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,
Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David.
Moses took me aside
And whispered this:
Be brave, he said,
I thought I had misunderstood him
It was not a word I use often,
But this is what he said:
Be brave.

I heard it.

jsg, usa